Sunday, July 7, 2013

Essay: "gutom at malnutrisyon sama-sama nating wakasan"

Hunger and Malnutrition Avoidance
(Theme: "Gutom at Malnutrisyon sama-sama nating wakasan")

          How can we avoid hunger and malnutrition in our country? This is one of the question that may come to our mind with the case of our  country.

         Health is very important to us so we must take good care of it. It is more appropriate in our body if we eat vegetables and fruits which can help our body in gaining and restoring enough energy.

          We also need to avoid eating junk foods and drinking soft drinks that is unhealthy there is no such nutrients this kind of food will be benefited in our body. Instead of eating this kind of food why not eat vegetables and fruits and also drink plenty of water which is more beneficial in developing and giving us more nutrients that our body needed. And also for us to avoid illnesses such as being malnourished especially for youths nowadays.

          Eating healthy foods is the best way for us to avoid hunger and malnutrition that our country is suffering today.

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